$10-$20 Hail Roofing Leads? Here’s How

Here’s my secret technique for getting hailstorm roofing leads for $10-$20

The better your targeting, the cheaper your leads will become. For a roofing company your audience targeting will look something like:

  • 35+ year olds (no 18 year old home owners out there)
  • Set the location radius to cover where the hailstorm hit
  • Target homeowners specifically by targeting interest groups like “home improvement”, “home renovation”, and use the EXCLUDE option on the term “renters”

Get some hail imagery and footage, and call out the residents of the town where the storm hit to get their attention. From there offer something irresistible like a free roofing inspection to get high lead turn out and to get your foot in the door.

Link your ad to a contact form with qualification questions so your leads are likely to convert. Automate your phone to receive a text message every time a lead fills out your contact form by using the “Zapier” automation service which can connect your contact form to your phone.

Use the Hailtrace app or another weather service of your choice to track storms and be the first one to get in front of the customers by activating your ads quickly. Imagine scheduling with your leads before the storm has even finished, leaving your competition in the dust.

If set up as I’ve detailed here, this strategy will net you leads for $10-$20.

If you want to know more about how to implement these or other marketing strategies, book a free 30 minute consultation call with me where we can go over your current marketing strategies and see what you can do to generate more leads.

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